80’s Reverb Rules OK!


This is the latest entry in the “Official Bootleg” series.

Recorded live at the Limfjords Festival in Denmark, August 2, 1986. This concert was from a brief tour  between “Steady Nerves” and “The Mona Lisa’s Sister”, and features the only instance of the band known as Graham Parker and The Fact. This was a tight four piece band that featured Brinsley Schwarz, Andrew Bodnar, and Jimmy Copley. Some of the material on this album was intended for the “lost” Atlantic album that was never produced. We think you’ll find it quite unique!

Track Listing:

1. Thunder and Rain

2. Dead To The World

3. No Holding Back

4. Fool’s Gold

5. Durban Poison

6. Howlin’ Wind

7. Sinking Low (James Diggs)

8. I Wouldn’t Treat a Dog (The Way You Treated Me) (Michael Price/Dan Walsh/Steve Barri/Michael Omartian)

9. Ain’t No Love In The Heart of the City (Michael Price/Dan Walsh)

10. You Hit The Spot

11. Burning On A Higher Flame ***

12. The Weekend’s Too Short

13. Nobody Hurts You

14. You Can’t Be Too Strong

Price is $5.00 plus postage and handling.

*** Note: due to flaws in the original source material, this track is slightly damaged.


Recorded August 2, 1986 at the Limfjords Festival in Denmark.

Graham Parker: guitar, vocals

Brinsley Schwarz: guitar, vocals

Andrew Bodnar: bass, vocals

Jimmy Copley: drums, vocals

All songs written by Graham Parker, except where noted.

Special thanks to Johannes Deininger.

This has been a PunkHart Production for

UpYours Records.