Live Cuts From Somewhere


From Punk Hart Productions, in association with UpYours Records:

First in a series of official bootlegs authorized for sale on the internet by Graham Parker.

This album is for sale exclusively over the internet from

Punk Hart Productions.

Available as a Disc On Demand from Amazon.

Live Cuts From Somewhere was assembled from various audience recordings during the recent 2001-2002 GP & the Figgs tour, and since the recordings were contributed by fans and not professionally recorded, they have a raw bootleg quality that separates them from the more professionally recorded live albums that you may be used to. However, many people prefer the ambient raw live sound of fan-recorded tapes, and the selections we've chosen for you are of a very high calibre indeed! The fact is, the recent GP & the Figgs tour was not professionally recorded and fan-contributed audience tapes are all we are likely to have to offer.

This album was produced with the full cooperation of Graham himself and he personally supervised and approved the tracks, and it is released on Graham's own label, UpYours Records.