carp fishing on valium - the songs

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live at newlands tavern

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christmas cracker

burning trousers

live cuts from somewhere

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!live alone: the bastard of belgium

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the bastard of belgium’s bastard brother

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yer cowboy boot

CD ($9.95):

acid bubblegum

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the last rock ‘n’ roll tour

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12 haunted episodes

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the other life of brian

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80’s reverb rules OK!

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5 loose screws

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¡live alone at the freight and salvage!

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T-Shirts (style 1)

T-Shirts (style 2)

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Official Bootleg Box

A 6-CD box set of live material from 1976 through 2012. Featuring a rarely heard live broadcast from Radio Bremen in 1978, and, for the first time ever, a complete concert from 2012, recorded and mixed by Dave Cook.

SOLD OUT! available in MP3 format only

It’s a song book and a memento of the totally unexpected five year long reunion of Graham Parker and The Rumour. It’s my idea of a celebratory artefact to mark our second go round. So whether you play a guitar or not this book has something for you be it playing the songs, attempting to play the songs, reading the lyrics, looking at photos and enjoying the anecdotes and recollections of those involved.

Martin Belmont

For sale on Amazon or from this site at $24.95

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carp fishing on valium

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Squeezing Out Sparks

Quake Records is proud to present a new edition of Graham Parker’s classic album Squeezing Out Sparks.  This newly remastered edition features a new cover design, as well as never before released bonus tracks recorded live at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle in 1979.

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