Mystery Glue


Mystery Glue is an album of conscious rock, harking back to Graham Parker and the Rumour's genre-defining music of the '70s whilst paying homage to Dylan, reggae, soul and rock 'n' roll. Of the album title, Parker says, "When Swiss astrophysicist Fritz Zwicky described Dark Matter in the 1930's, he got the name wrong.  It is of course 'Mystery Glue' that holds the Universe together. As always, when I present new songs to the Rumour they work feverishly to make sense of them, often starting out with wildly disparate and alarmingly wrong diversions. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, everything falls into place, as if by dint of some Mystery Glue that holds us all together."

Track listing for Mystery Glue:

1. Transit Of Venus

2. Going There

3. Wall Of Grace

4. Swing State

5. Slow News Day

6. Railroad Spikes

7. Flying Into London

8. Pub Crawl

9. I've Done Bad Things

10. Fast Crowd

11. Long Shot

12. My Life In Movieland