Live at Newlands Tavern


This is the earliest known live recording of Graham Parker and the Rumour, taped from the audience sometime in 1975 at Newlands Tavern in London. This very rough and possibly incomplete audience tape has been making the rounds among GP afficianados for several years now, and we feel that despite the less than stellar sound quality, it deserves to be heard by more fans.

Originally offered as a free bonus with a previous Official Bootleg, it's now being made available for sale by popular demand. This is a professional quality glass-mastered CD, not a home made CD-R. But be forewarned that the sound quality is not of the highest standard, and is being offered as is - without editing or doctoring in any way, and so imperfections will be obvious. But the historical importance and the amazing energetic performances make this well worth the listen. Plus, it features such rarities as "Express Delivery" (only known recording with the Rumour), "The Raid" (two years before it appeared on the Stick To Me album), and the instrumental "Rockin' Hawk".

Track Listing:

   1. Chain of Fools

   2. You Silly Thing

   3. Between You and Me

   4. Nothing’s Gonna Pull It Apart

   5. The Raid

   6. Don’t Ask Me Questions

   7. Rockin’ Hawk (instrumental)

   8. Gypsy Blood

   9. Not If It Pleases Me

  10. Express Delivery

  11. Back To Schooldays

  12. Soul Shoes

Price is $3.00 plus postage and handling.

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