squeezing out sparks


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Thanks so much for the Graham Parker page. I was hoping someone would do this.

Jeff Deckman

Great to see this started. I've enjoyed the Parker newsgroup and been very pleased with the tone of the discussions that have resulted: informed, enthusiastic and yet not fawning. Hopefully these qualities will also inform this homepage. At first glance it looks damn keen.

Bob Klanac

Hi John, Just thought I would enter a comment here. It might be nice to have a mention of the mail-list and a place to click to sign up. Just a thought. HOWIE.

Howard Rafal

Hi John! GP deserves a home page and now he's got one-- thanks to you.


gee, don't you think discographies should include producer credits??? william wittman producer of Steady Nerves seriously though, it was nice to find the site! cheers, w


why, if g.parker,is one of most important musician of this time, he is so little famous in Italy ? When He come here for some concert ? Some years ago he cames in Rome but i cannot know the day and the place where was the concert. Is the last album exit in Italy ? Good luck, graham !!!


Thank you. --a G.P. diehard in Az.


Nice idea for a page! I always thought the lyric from "Nobody Hurts You" was: You and me are rather loud (not loud and loud). I'll have to look and see I guess. Incidentally, I was glad to hear about the new lp as I was not yet aware of it. You can imagine that GP news in Sudbury is slim! Just for your info, I found the page while searching with Infoseek for "Graham Parker" (go figure). Regards,


I was listening to the "Passion is No Ordinary Word" anthology while working and searched for Graham Parker using Lycos. More lyrics? Thanks. JPE

John Evans

Please post some more lyrics. Tab wouldn't be a bad idea either, if it's available at all. I've been wanting to cover some GP tunes for a while. Some info about GP, the man, would be cool. Thanks for having the site, though. Parker doesn't get the respect that he deserves in the states.

ash vile

Hi, I just signed on to the Parker list. I found the discography to be incomplete. I collected Parker vinyl very heavily at one time and have virtually every single (domestic & foreign), alternate LP, radio show, etc. When I find the time I'll try to update the discography, and add some things to it. Thanks


I discovered this page under the related artists section of the Elvis Costello home page. I was very glad and excited to find a Graham Parker home page as I had been looking for one just about every time out on the Web. Good luck and keep up the good work. Graham Parker is one of my all-time favorites!

David rondeau

Thank you, Graham, your last work is the "theme" of my summer, but where you have find the "scacciapensieri" ?, very beatiful use on your music.... Your atmophere is very strong, and the ballads very good. When you came in Italy for some concert ? I wait you , good bye,

Giuseppe di Roma


gerald still

I found this site by doing a Netscape Net Search on GrahamParker, since he's my alltime favorite musical artist (I'vebeen a fan since Howling Wind).

Do you know how I can get in touch directly with Parker, or Brinsley Schwarz, to whom I once sold a guitar?

Nice to be in touch with another fan!

Roger Cloud

I have not had a chance to check out the info yet -- but I am very pleased to find a source for info on GP. I found it thru the Elvis Costello page.


True GP story. After his concert in Cohoes (near Saratoga Springs) NY, he was hanging out in front of the stage signing autographs and greeting people. I said to him, "Michael Jackson says his inspiration for songs comes from God. Where does yours come from?" Graham says "Well God must not talk to him very often, when was the last time he put an album out?" Thanks for the page. I refer to it frequently.


Dear Graham Parker WWW page,

For the record - Twelve Haunted Episodes means one thing only, Graham has not lost his majic!!! I understand he lieves in the Poughkeepsie area. I'm from north Jersey, does he ever perform at any local places? Or, is that the color of another grey area? Write back if you feel like talking. Love to hear from another Graham fan. ( I still think that Mercury Poisoning is his best work,) Cruel Stage is a close second, but there are many close seconds.

Stay in touch,


Does anybody have any info on future appearances/tour dates? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, good site. Nice to know others have the same appreciation for good music.

jim weber

I think the site is great but needs more info. Found it by searching for Parker, Graham knew there had to be someone doing something on GP.


I've only just found this page. I was searching thru' the On Line Guitar Archieve (OLGA) Great by the waty if you haven't seen it, and down loaded the music to you can't be too strong, so I thought I'd see if there was anything else on the net about GP.

I've been a fan since the earliest gigs in the early 70's although I've not heard much of the recent stuff.

I recently got the compilation Passion is no ordinary word' which rekindled my interest


Finding this homepage was like finding an oasis in the desert. Please keep it going. Saw Graham at Tramps in NYC in March. Best show I've ever seen.

Michael Carvlin

Yippee! I thought I was alone here with my GP fandom! My husband told me there was a GP newsgroup and I thought I'd check out the Web to see if there was more. Thanks!


Hi, nice to find some more Graham Parker fans. My appreciation goes back to the time when Elvis Costello was being named as the new Graham Parker. Ive only managed to see him once that was in the mid eighties at the the Liverpool Empire. Lets make this web bigger and get his albums in the charts !!! Im 37yrs old live in Nottingham, wheres everybody else ??

Dave Fiddler

You wanted to know how I found your web site. Well, it was quite easy: I simply executed an infoseek search for Graham Parker, who happens to be my favorite musician.
If there is any sort of mailing list or list serve, please include me. I am

David Reso

[Refer to the instructions on the main page for subscribing to the mailing list - JH]

Thank you for creating a Graham Parker page!!! I am stunned! I might actually have to go on-line now!

David Furst

I found your site through Yahoo under the alphabetical-by- artist section. I'm not exactly a Graham Parker fan, I've heard one song that really stuck with me (3 Martini Lunch) and decided to do some exploring of more of his work. Thanks for the web page!


Fantastic! It's about time. Let's see if I can't find some lyrics or other stuff from the vault. hmmm...

rob marciello

I just happened to find this page using one of the Internet search engines.

Parker's work with the Rumour was outstanding!.

bob dorobis

I know I shouldn't but I'm doin' it anyway! Its very stunningly to see a home page concerning Graham Praker - but why can't it be a bit more serious (read official). What's Parker thinkin' of it anyway? And PLEASE tell me if he's ever gonna POP UP in Denmark, I haven't been able to see a show with him yet - but I surely hope to very soon. I've been a fan of Graham Parker ever since I first saw the video, on our (then one and only) national TV channel, of "Stupefaction". Don't ya ever call him angry young man - call him realist!!!!! Finally don't forget..passion is no ordinary word.. (Male, around 30)


It was great to find the GP home page(through yahoo search). Info on him is so hard to come by, he just doesn't get the recognition he deserves. Anything you can find seems to praise him for his work in the 70's, but there is no one who has released as much great music from '88-'95(MLS thru 12HE). He is such an exceptional songwriter. HEAD AND SHOULDERS ABOVE anyone else. Springsteen is the only other writer that should be mentioned in the same breath.


I guess I'm just another of the many grateful fans who have managed to stumble across this site. I'm brand new to the web, and since music has been the great passion on my life, after the wife & kids that is, it seemed natural to start hunting up sites for my favorite artists. I've been a fan of Graham's since Howlin Wind and still check out his bins in every music store I've found in the hope of discovering something I didn't know about. Anyway, thanks for putting this together, keep us informed of anything new and I'll be in touch.

Ray Coles

If possible, how about finidng some sources for g.p.'s albums, and/or finding out details as to their availabilty.


This is a boon to all music fans. I found this site by merely searching for Graham Parker. As has been said elsewhere, he doesn't receive nearly enough respect in the states. Has anyone considered putting together a website family tree of Stiff Records and its related artists. How about a Brinsley Schwarz or Rockpile page? I can't find nearly enough information about these latter two, and the contract complications involved in band name rights and overseas distribution deals would make a marvelous historical contribution to us fans.

Albeit a bit removed from Parker per se, I hope these comments are still appreciated. I've heard that in the Elvis Costello newsgroup, you're castigated for writing ANYTHING not directely tied to Elvis, and sometimes unjustly.

Christopher is Cincinnatti

I was looking up links to Nick Lowe and found it through the Elvis Costello stuff. Haven't gone through this site completely, but will at my leisure. Have loved Graham since mid-seventies. Saw him twice in L.A.

Squeezing out Sparks was perhaps one of the best 10 albums in history. Just thought you'd want to know other people appreciate Mr. Parker and all he has done...the Rumour too.



I found out about Graham's site thru a link included in the welcome letter from the GP mailing list.

I enjoyed my visit, but I think you should definitely replace Graham's biography with one that his fans would agree with.


I found this page through "Webcrawler". I'm a big GP fan, though the last album I've been able to find is "Human Soul". Thanks for creating this page!

Robert Gurganus

I feel sory for anybody who isn't hip to Graham. I have been an avid evangelical fan since 1976.A GP concert experience is as close to perfect as life gets...Thanks for taking the time and energy to give him a place in space. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Mr.P twice now, and he's as good a person as he is an artist!

There is Dylan There is Graham There is Joan Osborne There was Jerry There are a few other lesser greats There are all the rest who are easy to forget.


Punched in "Graham Parker" on Netscape hoping to find a home page. I'm a big fan. Squeezing Out Sparks makes my all-time top ten record list. Question for Graham: Did you know that the American cover of Squeezing is a different photo from the American cover? Very similar, but different. Why? (Also, the back cover includes a picture of Luna Park at night.)

I never got heavily into the last record, but I thought Burning Questions was great. It had one of my favorite lines in all of rock: "Release me. But please don't let me go." Great backing musicians on that album. Great songs. Great lyrics. Great singing. Great production.


I'm brand new on the net, but you're making me feel right at home. Graham is one of my favorites of all time and it's nice to be able to click right in and 'share the love' with all the other folks i knew were out there but never quite within reach(being a 20 year old, i don't know many GP fans in my peer group). i got in touch thru netsearch cuz i wanted to know about show dates,hoping, i suspected naievely,for a GP website. I'm pleased with what i've found. The discograghy is very intriguing and helpful(i don't suppose you have any leads on tracking down bootlegs, do you?),as was the Q&A:Graham's self deprecating acerbic regarding him and Elvis C. was great! The bio was a bit harsh but i do agree that the recent albums aren't too consistent(last 3 songs on Haunted Episodes were masterful,though). Alternate apparaisals are a good,democratic idea,tho. The shows, however are as powerful as they ever were(at least that's what i hear)so it's pretty sad i missed the Tramps show. When's the next NY appearance??? I'll be checkin in soon,so keep it up, it's great!!

Garrett Ramirez

I found the page thru alta vista while looking for a friend to try and discover how many albums Graham Parker has sold in his career. If you have a number I would love to hear it.

c triplett

Hi-- I was so glad to find out that GP actually has a web page I just had to tell you. The Q & A section is really cool. When was GP on line? It's always nice to know that he hasn't gotten totally disgusted and stopped touring altogether.


Great to see a Graham Parker site! GP is one of the finest singers and songwriters around. Looking forward to his next work!

If you know of any Nick Lowe fans interested in trades or talk. Let me know. I do a newsletter called The Basing Street News for Nick fans.

GP is also a definite favorite!

Best to You,

Gary Blackmon NNZG10A@prodigy.com

Really very very nice. Thanks a lot. I caught onto GP when he released Heat Treatment, and I've been along for the ride ever since.

Congrats on the pages. They work.


for months my friends and i were asking ourselves where the heck graham could be found on the net. just now i discovered this page by way of the "ultimate band list" and i am ecstatic to say the least. now i gotta find the newsgroup.

i think all of us can agree that the biography from the "all music guide" really is awful -- mainly because it perpetuates all those idiotic "angry young [old] man" stereotypes about graham's style of artistry. the writer also follows the rest of the herd of critics in the way he completely dismisses parker's works after *sparks* and before *mona lisa*.

may i suggest that whatever biographical information that ends up replacing it is a purely objective and factual history of graham. for opinionated stuff, you can set up a separate section for reviews where we can state our own raves and disappointments over his works. i look forward to being a part of that.

-Gene Hill
(New York City via New Mexico)

Seen Parker several times, and only once was a dud. He was really great on the Dave Edmunds/Dion tour, when they sang "Abraham, Martin, and John" together. Mind boggling. He was awfully fucking good last time he was here in San Diego as well.

Steve Johnson

Nice to see a page on Graham. Does anyone know where I could acquire any guitar tabs of his songs?

Less Boucher (L.Boucher@prodigy.com)


We're curious about the page where GP answers sent in by fans. Since you say this site is unofficial, we wonder where you got ahold of GPs answers and how you got the questions to him.

PS> We are going to see him on Sunday in NJ and were wondering if there was any info you would like us to ask about or info we can obtain to pass along to the readers of your page or the GP mailing list.


Friend said you were interviewed on NPR spring of last year. Please tell me what program, when, and whether it's possible to obtain a cassette of the interview. Thanks! Good luck.
John McKee

Came across your web page via the Elvis Costello web site. I'm hoping to see GP at the event in Chester, NJ on Sunday June 2nd. This will be the first time I've seen him since I saw him with the Rumor playing in a pub in Harrow, England in what must have been 1976 ! Scary when one tries to think back that far.

Nice site. I'll come again.

john tully

graham Parker is the best singer-songwriter of his generation."Between you and me" and "Glass Jaw" are as good as it gets. Too bad that Graham thinks he has'nt made it. Ain't that the WAY?!


Alas, I am not alone! There are other people who know about the man himself enough for his own web site! After all, this is a man who has made great records, or some with some good tracks, but every one of his albums had something to recommend it. And I don't know of any musician who has this track record.

Jeff Cramer

I've liked GP since Hey Lord Dont Ask me Questions - the first album I think.

Was great. Also got Squeezing Out Sparks - on vinyl. Couple of years ago I bought Mona Lisa's Sister!!!

What a great album - one of my favourites! Can you recommend any others of this high quality?

I came across this page browsing on an Elvis Costello page. Now I dont wish to sound disloyal but Elvis is my all time favourite artist!

I have all his allbums and discs and have seen him live on three occassions which is pretty good for a backwater like Perth.

My email address might not work but would love to hear from you.

Rob - Perth WA

Nice page mate, looking cool.

Tony Judge

Just thought Id say what a good record GP Live in New York is. Ive always been a big fan and just hope people have the good sense to go out and buy it. Will he ever tour Britain again ( a wish)

Dave F
Feel free to write to share views.

Tnx for your fine work.
Your page is one of my favourite, i had set a link from my page at

Cicci Serra

hi - I found out about this site through a link on the Elvis Costello page. Good work, it's hard to find out much about GP these days.


Since Graham Parker is one of my favorite singer/songwriters I very much appreciate your site. I hit it every now and then. I'm a secular humanist organizer(KC Eupraxophy Center), and very much appreciate his humanism(Break Them Down, for instance) and skepticism(Waiting for the UFO's)as well as his most excellent music. I'd really like to see him perform sometime, but unfortunately the midwest isn't on his itinerary very often. I also do a radio show, and try to give him as much exposure as possible. Thanks for doing this.

Don K

You mention that Graham's "Live From NY" album is out, however I've checked around the NY area for it and no one seems to have any info on it. Is the album definetely out?
By the way, I'm glad Graham has a webpage of his own. Keep up the good work...he deserves some attention!


Great to know you're out there. GP is without question one of the best songwriters of our time and definately the most universally ingnored by the public. I saw him last month in Minneapolis on the In Their Own Words tour. He covered the Prince song 'Cream' on acoustic guitar no less. If that tour comes to wherever you are you should check it out.

Big H

I'm desesperately looking for the CD The Mona Lisa's Sister. The local stores do not impor cds from Europe and the RCA USA edition is unavailable now. I would very much appreciate any info on where and how to buy this record on the web or via mail order or anyhow. Please help me! It's(almost) the only one I miss to complete my GP collection. Thanks in advance. Frank.


Great to have found a home page for one of my favorite artists. I have been a Parker fanatic since I first heard Howling Wind,I and have every recording Graham has released. He has inspired me with his passion and wit most mostly his clear vision of life, especially as a father and husband. The Girl with the Butter- fly Net hits home since I have a daughter for whom that song could've been written for, I guess that's why he is one of music's premier songwriters. Here's another Bookmark for my collection. Thanks


I'm writing in response to having just seen the track list for the boxed set. Needless to say, I'm extremely disappointed at the lack of rarities that are included (beyond Substitute and the Christmas Cracker stuff there's really nothing there). I'm sending an e-mail message to Tony Judge at Demon to try to influence them to rethink the track selection in favor of more rarities like "Class Act," "Museum Piece," the single version of "Everything Goes" and so on. Of course, my view alone won't cause Demon to make a more satisfying set, but I think if all the Sparks and mailing list readers could get together on this one with a massive amount of appeals to Tony Judge and Demon, I think we could get a set put together that would be much more satisfying. I would suggest that if you agree, something to this effect should be mentioned in your page so that other fans will know what to do. A couple of other things worth mentioning: For fans who can't find Parker's RCA albums,"Burning Questions" or "Discovering Japan, I noticed that Demon is still offering these for sale. Fans should go to the Stiff Records homepage and check out the Demon Records/Blackmail Mail Order section.

Jeremy Holiday

I thought I was Graham's biggest fan until now. Thanks for putting this page together. While I've got your attention, perhaps you could answer a couple of questions for me.

1. Do you know when razor & tie plan to release the live from NY album?

2. Do you know the title, company and release date of the tribute album I've heard rumors about?

Again, great job with the home page. Keep up the good work!

Chris Mackey

thank you. gp is a habit worth forming(why has that one been commisioned to obscurity- it was the best vocal on grey area)


Hey!.............Great Page....I,m a long time Parker fan...........but....about 6 months ago I got his Best of..88 to 91.........It's great..........check it out and let me know how you like it............it took me a couple of listens before I reall started to like it....stuff like......THE HOPES AND DREAMS OF MEN ARE POWERED BY ADDICTION........and...........well lots of other great stuff........I would Kill to find out a tour scedule for the North East....Jersey or New York...........Hey....Keep up the good work................................


i was glad to find the page, i am a graham fan. i believe he does not have eyes, what do you think?

also- they lyrics to the squeezing out sparks album would be great to have... it was one of the most influential albums of my young life (to date).


Just thought that id write and say how happy i am to see a GP page on the net!!! I thought i was the only real Graham Parker fan in the world!!! As we speak Im listening to Squeezing Out Sparks one of my favourite albums of all time....I hope he knows that there are people out there that really love his work...in the same way that i hold Dylan, Stones, etc...

Ian Ryan


There is a Parker tribute record coming out on Sept 17. It's called "Piss and Vinegar: The Songs of Graham Parker". It's on Buy or Die Records. I've never heard of the label, and I am trying to track down a phone number or address-any info?


[The phone number is (800) 303-8525 - JH]

Just finished listening to Acid Bubblegum. It's defintely harder than the past few albums and it's probably Graham's best since Struck. But, the limited instrument use is a big bother. There seems to be something missing from the songs, mainly a horn section. With a full band and horns, this album would have really kicked ass. As it is, I'd give it a 7.


My band,Sawney Bean, covers NY Shuffle on the forthcoming Graham Parker tribute album, PISS AND VINEGAR. Jerry Balderson, the president of Buy or Die, asked me to tell you that the disc's new release date will be the middle to end of October. You can call him for more details about the disc (908) 850-1190 or contact the Buy or Die website (www.buy-or-die.com) which is not fully constructed (i.e., the Sawney Bean bio should be posted within the next week). By the way, you got a pretty cool looking site. Peace & Rock & Roll.

Ray Calluori

Some guitar tablature ore chords would be a nice addition to the page. Keep up the good work!


I love your page! Please check out the GP interview on "Addicted To Noise".


A great page. I've really enjoyed it and included it in my Bookmarks. It just lacks some more lyrics. I hope to see Mr. PARKER (in capital letters) once more on tour.

Rafael Herrera-Ninou, Madrid, Spain

I had a coffee fix, every item there to choose
All my love came by letter

The new estates build claustraphobia
Grandfather's money only in the finest stuff
That's enough That's enough


you're doing a great job for a highly under-appreciated artist ! Hope Graham backs your efforts.

Bruce MacQueen

Have seen many great concerts in Sydney over the last 25 years including Jethro Tull at the Opera House and Voodoo Lounge. None have surpassed Graham & Brinsley however when they were 'Squeezin Out Sparks' here. Congratulations on this page!


thanks for the site. i've seen gp every time he has come to the san diego area since i was old enough to figre out how to sneak int a bar. the grey area show at san diego state in 1982 was memorable because my date loved the obscure singer and guitar player. gp did a radio promotion in 1989 in a tiny club called club x where he banged out five or so songs on his aquistic guitar- i especially remember an a version of discovering japan. he is amazing live. the live alone tour which we caght at the coach house in san jaun capistrano was the best show i have ever seen and i've been to a few. i'm really looking forward to seeing gp and the figgs in solana beach- the place is gonna be on fire! finally, i don't have to trek to sjc in orange county to see him. the belly up tavern rules the perfect spot for the king- gp! again thanks for the web site it takes a sensitive type person to really get into gp's music..right


I like the page a lot. I am just realising that I have been listening to Parker since "Steady Nerves" and without my really realising it, he's one of my favorite artists. With this delayed discovery, I have been on a major listening kick and feel as if I'm hearing the albums anew. Certainly a major talent, and with an expansive catalog you can jump into. I hope there are more kids out there like I was when I bough "SN" at age 14.

Chris Perry

SO glad to run across this site considering I am just now evolving into a HUGE GP fan. Thanks for spurring my interest even further.
Noel in Atlanta

Great GP Web page...great graphics & info. If anyone deserves a site as nice as this, its GP. Thought you might like to know about a GP interview I found in a music magazine. The MAg is called Yeah, Yeah, Yeah and it features a new three page interview with GP that's pretty good. I found my copy in Tower Records, but they have E-mail which is YeahYeahYa@aol.com Well, thanks for the great GP site, Keep up the great work!-J

John K.

Great site! I have every GP album and consider him a true genius. Other music fan sites for performers have various polls. Have you ever thought of doing this? Maybe, you could start with everyone's fave GP song. I will also put this on the message board. My fave song is "Turned up too late".


Great site (and about time someone did one for GP).
One (possible) correction-
Isn't the first line of "You Can't Be Too Strong":
"Did they tear it out/with TALONS (not "tongs") of steel"?
Just wonderin'

Good luck with the site!

Great page for a great rock musician!! I appreciate the work you put into this page - and I'm sure Graham Parker would do the same if he knew that the page exists.

Eberhard Wenzel

Nothing original to say - just another punter glad to see GP getting some recognition from true fans.

I first saw him with the Rumour at the Roundhouse, Camden in (I think) 1977 - the hardest working band I ever saw, and there was some pretty stiff competition at that time.

Disappointed to read of so many tours to Japan, Oz etc with no visits to Hong Kong. Any chance of GP doing a gig in HK some time?

Also any chance of someone getting Max by the Rumour put out on CD?

Keep up the good work

Phil Ashby

Thankyou for these pages..............
two question :
when GP cames back in Italy for some concert ?
Where i can find something about Brinsley Swartz ?
Have good time,


I Luv your newest CD(Acid Bubble Gum). Can't explain why the FM stations are not playing the hell-out-of-out. What gives? Saw you in Boulder, Co; last fall with only 80-90 people in the place. Where in the hell were the fans? Last of all, change your wallpaper on your web-page. It makes it very difficult to read. Hope you agree.

Steve Naus

I love your sight. After having just discovered GP's :"Last Rock Tour" I feel he's right back on top especially given that the NEW songs {Acid bubblegum} which I don't have are as good as the oldies we love and know well. It really is good to see him in fighting shape and that some people who care enough to get that relase date mess straightened out.

Congratulations on your excellent site!

Graham Parker is certainly one of the most gifted singer-songwriters of the last thirty years. ( He deserves to be included with Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Captain Beefheart and Elvis Costello as one of the most intelligent, uncompromising, and soulful artists of the popular genre.)
I have seen Bob Dylan and Van Morrison in concert several times. ( Hey, I even went out with Van Morrison after his '93 Maple Leaf Gardens gig to see Jay McShann at the Montreal Bistro!) I also saw Elvis Costello in Toronto on his "Brutal Youth" tour with the Attractions. (Absolutely incredible show.) Has Graham Parker ever played any Canadian shows? Surely, there's enough interest in Ontario to make Toronto a viable date on a concert tour?
Graham Parker albums,even as imports, are difficult to find here in Ontario on CD. Amazingly enough, I have never seen "Howlin' Wind" on CD !!!
Later albums are also hard to find - and often ridiculously pricey. Any suggestions re: CD Mail Order of G.P. product?
Thanks again for this excellent website. It is encouraging to know that good music is still appreciated in today's increasingly superficial, image-marketing society.

- J. Bunton

hey, love the site, but it's really getting out of date, with announcements of tv appearances in JUNE and whatnot. Also, I'd love to see some info on tour dates that's also up to date. Thanks.


Thanks so much for the site. It is a great resource for Graham Parker fans. Thanks to this site I just discovered that Graham Parker has had two new albums since 12 Haunted Episodes. I own all his albums and buy them as soon as I know they are available. The average time I know when a GP album is available is about six months after its released. That should change thanks to this web site.

D Dodge

I have been listening to GP since the Heat Treatment LP (a long while ago)!!! In england the first few Heat Treatment LPs came with a free single taken from the "official bootleg" of Marbal Arch recordings, which I have. Also everything GP has produced before and after. He is truly one of the great artists of this time, with lyrics that not only bite and get to the nitty-gritty, but he can be deep and articulate in most of the subjects he tackles.
I thank you for putting this page together (I'm not together enough to do it myself)!
If anyone wants to contact and have a chat about GP or anyone else or anything else please get in touch at the address (
clive.betts@Virgin.net) I will be pleased to talk with anyone (I am getting on a bit, you know, but we all are)
Hey! Thanks and keep up the good work.

Clive Betts.

just wanted to commend you on your bang up job on this page. GP is all to often overlooked. drop me a line if you are interested in some reviews of shows. i live in st louis, and we are fortunate in that we get about 2 visits ayear from GP. thanks again for a much needed site.


The LIVE FROM NEW YORK British CD [Nectar NTEMCD 158] I got while vacationing in London this month has major inaccuracies on all 3 booklet & jacket track listings.

Angus MacDonald

I've been looking for a GP site for a long time! This site seems to have it all. Been a fan since veiwing Graham on TV several years ago, now I've almost all his releases. Thanx for your site, you've done a thorough job and I will visit regularly!


Reading the previously posted comments one has to ask, "What else can be said about GP"? I asked myself that question and the answer is "A LOT"! Even with all the praise...there is still room for more! Graham Parker is an absolutely brilliant songwriter, and an equally brilliant singer. Take it from someone who knows...I had a record collection of over 3000 LP's and now own over 1000 CD's, and Graham is my all time fav! God...its the 8th wonder of the world that this man is not more popular! Its a "mystery..wrapped in an enigma...inside a riddle" or whatever! He deserves to be HUGE! He's that good! Was gonna throw in a fav lyric from "12 Haunted Episodes"..
.. but the decision to choose which one nearly proved fatal though! Really glad you created this great site for Graham, John...I've been waiting a long time and it looks great! Keep up the good work! LONG LIVE GRAHAM PARKER!


I'm looking for the sheet music to '12 Haunted Episodes'. Does anyone know if this is available?

Paul Neumann

I've been following G.P. since the mid-seventies and it was a great surprise to find such a nice site on the net. Congratulations!
Johan Vandendriessche

Excellent site ...very well put together , well done

Tony Rafferty

Are you coming alone on your tour or are you accompanied by a group. I will see you in Madrid.

rpanday.stracon@nexo.es (Monk)

I'm trying to locate GP's album, "Live Alone in America." I've tried two of the largest on-line CD companies, and they do not seem to carry it. Do you have any suggestions?

kristofer.hermes@phl.boeing.com (Kris Hermes)

The GP articles are very good. Keep up the outstanding work!

Marty Woods

I just received Live Sparks today and your website was a perfect match; I originally had this album in my possession in 1979 but lost it a divorce. Nice to have it back!

mike moreau

Great site. I have seen the old codger about 15 times from 1976 - 1995. he never fails to please. I have a 12" copy of Mercury Poisoning on black vinyl. It's blank on the other side. Any idea what it's worth?


I always eagarly await visiting your site due to your excellent partner in crime , GP himself. A great effort and a model for others who, as a cult following, can create an extended family of passionate cynics who state reality.

As Graham is so witty and readible, you should do something about the grey background. It is hard to read in long doses, and your main category titles, blue on black, are difficult. You have simplifyed the site but actually made it more difficult to use.

Thanks for your great work!


Just read my comment to site. Didnt think I would get through,so unused am I to this netweb thing. To repeat and append,great Parker fan from 78 onwards,living in the English Midlands--so to Dave Fiddler,yeah we are still out here. I see Parker as being one the few white artists to get and do soul properly in an updated style as a Black Briton of 38, rather like Hall and Oates were inducted into Black music its amazed me Parker hasnt...his reggae really does move things on, and I disagree with most opinion the Something Youre Goin Thru offa Howlin Wind is bad--its one of his mindblowing best moments. As to why he is not huge...roots rock and roll, surprisingly, has never made it huge in this country of England. Pop is big...rock and roll is for pubs. Finally am I the only one to think Bryan Adams latest hit in Britain When Youre Gone is a dead ringer vocally and soundwise to Parker between Steady Nerves and Mona Lisa, say. No justice--Parker soundalikes are getting hits Gre--at pages, agree biogs dubious, nice cynical edge; grown up rock and roll.

barry ledgister

"The Last Rock&Roll Tour" is one hell of a recording! It's all I listen too, my wife is threatening divorce! The Figgs are a great support to graham and the song selection is awesome. The between song banter is unfortunately minimal, but the momentum is perfect; it's as if you are at Bogie's! Highly recommended


I have just read the GP Answers your Questions section for December 17 98 and I have a few criticisms. People seem to want to use the section to comment,not ask questions ...there is too much personal rambling and even ranting; okay let a loose canon through once in a while but discussions on secular-humanism and GPs religious affiliations give me a headache (I am writing as someone of a sceptical British background --secular human)..also one comment from a question was I think downright insulting in comparing Parker to another artist whom this questioner seemed to think is God. I would like people to just ask questions,y`know about Parkers music y`know we buy the records see the shows; he`s happy,we`re happy. Any comments on religion, my spiritual revelations from Parker etc should be either here in the comments section or filed in that special round metallic object a trashman collects each week. Keep the questions short sweet,so we get more questions and actually can get through quicker to the important information;the music.

Barry Ledgister

[ Since you didn't leave a return email address, I'll answer this publicly since I think it's important. I appreciate your criticisms for the most part, but please remember that the question and answer page says "ask Graham Parker a question or send a comment". I didn't want to restrict it to questions because too often the same questions will be asked over and over again. Sometimes people just want to tell Graham how much his music means to them, and I wanted to give people the opportunity to do so. Second, Graham chooses the questions and comments he wants to answer. If he didn't want to talk about matters of religion or politics, he certainly wouldn't. As long as the question or comment isn't a repeat of what 10 other people just got through asking ("when are you going to play my town", "any plans on reforming the Rumour", etc.) I'll send it along without editing for content. Graham is tough. He can handle rude comments and dish it out with the best of them. If at any time he gets bored with the questions coming his way, he'll be sure to let us know. As for short and sweet questions about music, Graham is probably bored to tears with that stuff. I have the distinct impression he likes the questions he's getting, considers them challenging, and would quickly get tired of discussing only his songs. I know I would. Above all, I want to keep things interesting for Graham so he'll be encouraged to continue to regale us with his wit and wisdom.
- JH

You`re right!

b ledgister

site's great for info and all that, but as a web neophyte and only occasional user, could you please remind me how to get off the internet mailing thing that clogs my cyber box with far too many people asking far too many questions about GP. thanks, and again, I love the site. I'm just not into the whole computer type communication.


[Everything you need to know is at http://www.grahamparker.net/maillist.html - JH]

I'm a fan, and nothing can change that, but I read your political comments to a Hal Freed on in the archive, and I thought enough of it to make comment. Graham; the Repubs. are not specifically the "Party of zealotry and ignorance". The Left is no longer anti-establishment, and Socialism will not work. The Brits are great writers but know nothing of Representative Republics. We're still having the same fight over Federalism we had when the U.S. was established, It's just the sides have changed.

We're all zealots, but if any party is for ignorance it's the "Labor" Party, It's the "Green" Party, It's the "Democratic Socialists of America"...

The New World Order, isn't so new, and it's not so orderly.

Your freind,

Doug (a Libertarian)

John - just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoy the site! I love the look and feel of the way it's put together and have recommended it to other Graham fans. Great job!

Bruce Dawson

John, the changes to this site are very impressive! Not that I wasn't fond of the austere part of town it used to be ... all the best, Rob S.

Rob Smyth

gp--thank god, i've found this site. i just e-mailed vh1 and told them i'd kill all wimpypopstars if they didn't have you on storytellers. i always look fer yer stuff but, of course, nothin' doin'. the last i had was burning questions. my faves are howlin', HT, sparks, and mona lisa. but what burns in my memory are your live performances. the pbs show "sound studio" stick to me-era performances, l ive at the old waldorf and other s.f. joints. this was what i always wanted out of me popstars. i'm orderin' loose monkeys right now. hey anyone know where i can find all the old stuff. mine's burnin' out and i don't wanna lose it.


It was my great pleasure to have caught Grahams show at the Turning Point Cafe in Piermont NY on Tuesday May 4. Graham was Great and the songs were all still powerfull and new. One thing though, you have to do Local Girls. Maybe re-work it so your not sick of it (make it new--maybe Internet Girls) but other than that the show was amazing. "we have short memories" and "Success" were my favorites, and "Socks and sandles" made me feel very old. I wasn't ready for Graham to be growing old with his audience. I still see him as the angry young man who questioned Billy Joels status as a rock star on alive alone in america.



Literally just got home frm the GP show at the double door in Chicago. I thought GP was in great voice, and there was a very big crowd there, so no self-depricating comments about how empty the place was. I last saw him at roseland in NYC ( mona Lisa's sister tour), and I liked him more this time. GP lives!

Joseph Bornstein

I've been a fan of Graham's for seventeen years and just last night saw him perform at the Double Door in Chicago. He's hasn't lost his touch, he is still so strong vocally, which isn't easy. He told us about this web site and I'm sure I'll be a frequent visitor, thanks for your site.


Dear John-

Thought you would like to know that the Graham Parker show in Chicago on Friday was terrific. The Double Door, the venue for the show, was virtually packed. The place probably fits 300-500; I am guessing, it is really a large bar.

Graham mentioned the web site twice in the set and thanked you for the work you have done. He said he tried to ignore it at first and then was excited when he got involved. Neat versions of "Local Girls" and "Disney's America", along with a bunch more.

Bought the "Loose Monkeys" CD and Graham signed it, and he again commended you when I mentioned I like the site. I have been puzzled like others that a man this talented just does not seem to be on a commercially successful path. Graham seemed very energized by the size and enthusiasm of the crowd, as we always treat him well in Chicago. He really seemed to be having a lot of fun and it was terrific to see him.

Keep up the good work.

Dave Stepanich

I just wanted to say that I attended the Chicago show a couple of weeks ago at the Double Door, and as always, "Chairman" Parker was excellent. It was good to see such a nice turnout for the show and Graham was in fine form. I thought that his inclusion of "Mighty Rivers" from Steady Nerves was a nice touch. So was the a cappella version of "Cupid." I also had the chance of getting an autograph on Loose Monkeys, which is now a prize of my collection. I would just like to state that anyone who gets the opportunity should see Graham on this tour.

Tony Fernandez

Question: There doesn't seem to be any lyrics or chords listed for Guillotine of Guadelaupe in the lyrics section. Why is that?


[You'll have to ask the owner of the lyrics site for the answer to that. Most likely, no one has had the time to transcribe them. Feel free to do so. - JH]

Cheri and I loved the Caravan of Dreams show last night in Fort Worth Texas Don't blame Fort Worth or Texas for the s.... showing. Those that were there as you know loved it. First time for either my wife or myself. I can't wait to play the heck out of the CD you autographed for us!!!

Problem was lack of advertising for the show.... Even for non GP heads... it should have been billed as a not to miss show. We love music and you kicked our butt! Sean, the opening guy... also our friend, told us that this would be a "not to miss" show.

Can't wait for the next time... tonight.

Allen Cetto

I've beeen listen to G.P. for many, many moons and i have to say his old stuff up esculator, squeezing out sparks, all the way up to mona lias's sister were absolutly fantastic. However has later stuff, i did like struck by lightening, sems to be lacking the edge that the old carried so well, and as for acid bubble gum he should have thrown that in the trash, loose monekies was great how come i just recently had about on the net?

later Jon

This is a great site and I thank you for creating and running it. Well done!

I thought you may be interested to know of an Australian Online Music Store that has two GP compliation CD's that I have never heard of.

The site is www.chaosmusic.com and the titles are:
"Hold Back The Night" on Rebound Records
"Master Hits" on BMG/Arista which is 'remastered' and part of the Arista Heritag e Master list (what ever that is).

It is interesting that Arista now regard GP's music as Heritage!

Anyhow, keep up the good work I appreciate it.

Greg Catlin
Perth, Western Australia

Thank you so much for this wonderful site. It's been such a joy to converse and read with/about one of my all-time favorite artists. Hey, my 11 year old daughter thinks it's way cool that her dad got on the net! Why don't you set up a petition that we can all sign just to show GP how many people WOULD buy that new album we're all dying for? He's SUCH a TEASE!!!

Barry J. Ellis

Is there anybody out there who can get me or lead me to articles on Parker,interviews etc from 76 to 80...be very much appreciated. And can I go against various `accepted` ideas repeated in this site; Heat Treatment and Struck by Lightning are the best albums; Parker was right to split with the Rumour (too intense even when I was young and liked intense music) and three, Steady Nerves is a great fun album, not some nadir; surely `the Real Macaw`was the the lowpoint simply because...it had a picture of a parrot on the cover!! We`re all gettin` a little too cosy on this site. That other perceived chestnut of Parker being bitter because of the perceived not making it thing...Jesus, I feel bitter...and speaking from class-ridden England, I personally believe its is sqaurely a class thing. The middle class `rock` critics genuinely cannot stand true working-class rockers...I challenge anybody (I am talking Britain) to name a genuine working-class, genuine huge star who had critical respect...and yes I know Parker`s image poverty-stricken East End scuffer and it was image only but why was the more pop-oriented A level E.... C...... feted ...anti-working class and anti-rock`n`roll is why.

barry ledgister

What's with the new look? Now it looks like some kind of government job listing site or something. The old was much better. But then again I have a strange aversion to plain monochromatic rectangles. Bummer.


John, the new graphics are a wonderful addtion, keep up the good work, cheers, mike

Hi John.

There is an article where this site gets a mention. It's in the Nov issue of Discoveries. Have you seen it? It's entitled "Graham Parker: Wired and Online".

If you haven't seen it, I would be happy to forward it to you if you wish. It may still be available at a "bookstore near you", as they say.

anyway, thanks for maintaining the site.


How about a spot in the site for discussions of Parker`s music? The newsgroup digests I read are interesting but seem to be for people who actually can see Parker fairly regular or people who`ve met him. It would be great to have a forum here.


I saw 2 live of GP in Tokyo.One of 1991 was solo & with Japanese band. 2nd time was 25.july.1995.It was my birthday.It becme the great birthday present. Both of live was very great & enjoyed. If I catch the chance,I want to see Once omre . I am sorry for no-good english.Because I am Japanese.


Hi, just to let you know that Will Birch's "long-awaited" Pub Rock history will be published in April 2000. See http://www.dbd.co.uk/pubrock/ GP is on the cover looking very like Bono or should that be reversed!

Just a nod to say hello, both to Graham and to others on the site. I've been listening to Parker since the "Up Escalator" in 80, which I bought in response to a story in "Creem" magazine and which compelled me to move back in his catalogue and follow his career from henceforth. My personal top three Parker albums (and I have them all, I'm pretty sure) are, "Struck By Lightning," "Squeezing Out Sparks," and "Another Grey Area" (woefully underratted). Recently I've been rediscovering some lost and overlooked records, including "The Real Macaw," which is flawed by wrong-headed production that nevertheless produces some surprisingly appealing arrangements of a really terrific collection of songs, and "Stick to Me," which consists of great songs terribly produced. I found the "Stick To Me" CD in the used bins a couple of weeks ago and couldn't be happier with it. Still and all, twenty years after the fact it is finally time to face up to the truth: Nick Lowe is an overrated producer. His status as a Pub Rock Phil Spector (or whatever he was) depends entirely on the great performers he unforgivably underproduced. True: there was some merit to letting Elvis Costello and Graham Parker just bang it out with little interference, but that doesn't make Nick Lowe a great producer; it just makes him a good drinking partner. "Armed Forces" feels beautifully produced in an inept Nick Lowe-ish kind of way, whereas "Stick To Me" sounds like Nick Lowe spent most of the time in the pub around the corner. So the muddy sound on this album, which sounds as if it was mastered on toast, is not Graham's fault. It's a the lost conclusion to GP and the Rumour's pre-Sparks trilogy of masterpieces. One correction: "The New York Shuffle" is Graham's fault. Anyway, I'd just like to put my bid in for a re-mastered re-issue of "Stick to Me." Surely "Razor and Tie" could do it. I'd buy it, even though I already own the old Mercury CD (now out or print). My best to all.


The guy above criticising Nick Lowe,producer of two of GP`s albums...whoa!
Nick Lowe is a superb artist in his own right, who like Parker has kept up a high level of singer-songwriting for actually longer than Parker...he was instrumental as a producer in the New Wave `sound` which by definition means a `produced` vibe which is immediately recognisable. The production on Howlin` Wind especially is what makes the record. So many different styles from rockabilly to reggae to R and B wouldn`t have meshed without a producer`s firm hand. In fact there seems to be a real patronising attitude to Parker`s work before his `American-produced` albums...remember Squeezing out Sparks was produced by an American too so gets the vote despite its obvious `Britishness`...all these post Sparks albums especially get kudos from this American-biased website..anything with a Brit at the helm--even when it`s Parker--seems to get begrudging respect. I will agree with the guy above that Another Grey Area is an underrated album, and the Real Macaw is scuppered somewhat by its production hiding some great songs...but the first three Brit-produced albums,especially the Nick Lowe two are brilliantly and atmospherically produced with a great balance of usually a hell of a lot of intruments and sounds. What spoils say Another Grey Area are what I call `american` sounds...that guitar solo in the title track itself is pure `american` bilge...now I`m comparing american session musoes to a great British rock band..but on principle and as a New Wave tenet there is very little of that overlong guitar solo nonsense in the first four albums. Even `American-produced` Squeezing out Sparks is marred by some overlong guitar solos. In short when Parker `goes American` he is at his worst...Up Escalator,Grey Area,Macaw,Steady Nerves and Acid Bubblegum. His fortunes rise when he gets in touch with his British roots.
Nick Lowe is bad? What about Jack Douglas of Another Grey? We must be two nations divided by an appreciation of different sounds!



This is just a friendly invitation to drop by my web page sometime to check out my original MP3s.

I'm a huge fan of Graham Parker, Squeeze, Elvis Costello, Crowded House, Beatles , et al. I like to think that my songs reflect these influences to some degree and might appeal to fans of good music. Wishful thinking? If you would like to decide for yourself, you can check out the songs here:


Thanks a lot,


John- As I have previously stated, I am loving the site and appreciate your hard work. BUT where is Graham? Carp fishing perhaps after his European swing? Tell him that I miss him and I am sure that I speak for all of us when I say that we are looking forward to His Chairness' comments.
Many thanks again,

This site is a very pleasant surprise, very fast, easy on the eyes, indexed well, and not full of s--t. I am about the same age as The Chairman, probably not jerked around quite as much, but still able to appreciate the works of someone who SHOULD be in charge of pens. I don't know too many people who would sacrifice their career for their ideals, but many of us are grateful for your integrity, musical and otherwise. You're still setting the standards.

Joe Worthington

Thanks for a lovely site. Informative and entertaining. A job well done.

Liz McLean

First, great site! I really have enjoyed it over the years! Second, if Graham wi ll sign books and stuff (kinda like a real "Book Signing" tour) in a "controlled " manner I would be that he would sell a LOT more tickets! Especially if it was announced on this site. Just a thought.


Thank you very much for putting together these page. I'm often visiting it for update, it's really great! My name is Jose I'm a spanish Graham Parker fan since... sorry I was still a child when someone let me know 'bout "Parkerilla". Then I saw Graham live in 1988. Actually in my pop-rock band, Doctor Divago, we are making a great Graham cover: "(Hey Lord)Don't Ask Me Questions".
Ok, John, thanx again and goodbye

Great site. Nothing more needs to be said. well, maybe thanks needs to be said.


John Torres

the parker chap can make you cry. thanks for 76 to 81 .at times you saw what i saw, pity you moved maybe your song angel stayed here!S.O.S.remains top album. thanks for all the beauty may the road rise...........!!! love.


Why are there no new concert reviews? I wrote one over a year ago (and since, there's only been one (March 2000). I would have liked to read something about his "Carp" tour, since he says that it's a different format than his usual shows.

Oh well, he's playing NYC at the end of the month. If I go, I'll send you a review.


[No one has submitted any reviews, thus nothing to post. - JH]

Great reading/show in Boston in Nov...2000...
Come back soon and often!

jim stephens

nice site just wanted to say that and give my regards to graham iwas at school with graham and my brother was in the black rockers along with paul jermy and chris boorman. Graham is also the guy who gave me my fist cigarette at age 11 outside chobham school, i still smoke.any nice site again if you want to know more about grahams early years please email me i think my brother has a picture of the black rockers somewhere

Tony Cliff

HELP!! I am DESPERATELY trying to find a copy of "Habit Worth Forming". Any suggestions, or any one willing to burn or sell me a copy?

parkerfan58@yahoo.com (Barry Ellis)

saw you in an obscure basement bar in sioux falls, south dakota. cool. come back soon.

the druid

I'm always amused to read that GP comes out after every performance to meet and converse with his fans. I've expereienced this only once and it was I who ended the conversation as I was looking at a two hour drive home to get up in about four hours for work. Gramham is very generous with his time and we should all be thankful for it, cheers, mike

mike moreau

A note to all New England Graham Parker Fans---Graham Parker will appear at The Meriden Daffodil Festival in Hubbard Park in Meriden Connecticut April 28,2001.His set begins around 5pm. but it's a big festival with bands on three stages beginning at 11am.go to www.daffodilfest.com for directions

Rob DeRosa


Love your site (found it thru Google) - it's revived my enthusiasm for GP after 20 years of fandom. Can you tell me who'd know if the Carlene Carter self-titled album from 1980 w/ the Rumour was ever released on CD?


I have not finished your book yet, but I cannot stop myself from writing now. I have read about three or four books in a row that all seem the same. I am loving this! I was slow getting through your first chapter, but then I sailed. I sat and laughed in public like a giggling idiot while reading the part about the pie, sniffing that flippin pie. I don't know why it tickled me like that, and then the L. Bobbitt story. Hey, lucky SHE wasn't your wife pal. But what grabbed me by the funny bone was that damn dream. That asparagus nonsense. Walking around and pointing it at people. I was honestly in tears laughing. I am giggling still while I sit here and tap this out. In college I sat and laughed it up while wearing the groove out of Squeezing out the Sparks, but that was drug induced. I am doing this solo, and I don't know if it is meant to be funny, but damn it's killing me. You need to get your happy ass going on book number 2, cause I'll be all finished here soon. I mean really,

love gp's music, read carp - really good read , mostly, why no uk promotion - best kept secret in the west is a pretty lame excuse in 2001 as his work is alright - especially compared with contemporary stuff available by the young things of today.
gp we love you - we want to see yooou out there.

How do people react to certain fashions?


Updated Real Player URL for GP live at Big Mama's:

William V

I put up a picture of you and Bob Dylan in the Computer Lab here in Madison. Looking at it brings back good memories..

Kathrin Ellermann


Dear Company,

You're much better at releasing good music than you are at selling it. Your shopping "experience" is pathetic, and is obviously costing you sales. I logged on to order Graham Parker's Loose Monkeys. Clicked to hear some tracks as promised - - nothing, no music. Decided to buy it anyway. Called toll-free number to order as you offered, figuring it would be simplest. Women there never heard of Graham Parker, had no information on the CD in her system. Beautiful. Went back on line, figured I'd order it there. Default position was for 2 copies, clicked it to one and went through the whole keying in info process. When asked to confirm my info on several screens, screen print was so smeared and distorted I couldn't confirm anything. Went ahead, saw that I was being billed for 2 CDs, so had to go back and consider fixing that and rekeying everything. Went back, saw that it would not let me order 1 CD, only 2!

So despite my going through what only a very dedicated Graham Parker afficionado would do, you have succeeded in keeping me from ordering a CD from you. I give up!

Hope this helps.

p.s. I wonder if this will ever get to anyone...

Mark Fromm

[Mark, this message not only got to me (the webmaster), but I also forwarded it to Graham who in turn forwarded it to Razor and Tie. They are currently looking into fixing the problems you mention. But you can also order Loose Monkeys from Razor and Tie. I wish you had left your email address so I could have contacted you personally to let you know that the problem was being addressed. Hopefully, you will see this message and know that your input has been appreciated. - JH]



i love you graham! you, nick lowe and a very select few are the saviours of music! please keep coming and blasting us with your beautiful punk heart! forever, tim walker p.o. box 43 independence, va 24348

I've seen a press release (dated 6/7/01) posted on a couple of GP-collateral mailing lists regarding new reissues of CDs through Squeezing Out Sparks, along with a 2CD demo set. Which label will be putting these out?

Thanks...btw I ran into your site on Yahoo.

Drew Matich

[They are going to be released by Universal UK - JH]

Dear G.P.,

I'm so sorry I missed your concert in Chicago last Saturday, but I had lots of things to do. Anyway, I think I like seeing you in a small place where I can say hello. Can't wait for the new album. I promise to try and be there the next time you are in Chicago.

Your large black male friend (you've seen me in Chicago and Cleveland),

Tony Fernandez

2 weeks ago I saw Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes ...and it took me back 20 years ago when I saw them supporting you, at the Guildford Civic Hall! I saw you and the Rumour on a number of other dates, over the years, including Blackbush when you played along with Joan Armatrading, Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan. The last time I saw you was at the Marquee Club in London - a fantastic night, but alas the last as far as seeing you on tour. Are you still touring, and do you ever come to England? The last album of yours I got was Another Grey Area - have there been any more recent ones? As a long-standing fan of your music (it kept me sane at college!) I'd really appreciate an update on your 'activities' - memories of that last night at the Marquee linger on, all these years later - your lyrics and music really were so powerful.

In grateful anticipation

Sue Russell

attention mr parker thank you for all ever always it makes life make sense if that matters at all in you world of words forever trying to get through life


F.....g excellent web site - to the point, all the info you need, good questions and thoughtful answers from the main man.
Been there since Howling Wind and always have a place in my heart for GP and the most wonderful 'You Can't Be Too Strong'. Keep it going....

You know,the more I read about Acid Bubblegum, the more I appreciate this cd. I don't know what's wrong with John Q. Public, but enough already. This recording is balls on terrific! Enough with public blathering and wake up, cheers,mike

Thanks for maintaining this site. Graham is one of the finest r&b artists and his work is uniformly satisfying. It's a real service to keep this site up to date for people like me. Thanks very much I look forward to the new tour!

Mark Thompson

New album is wonderful!!!

mike H

Just wanted to let you know that even though Pollstar says the Great Barrington and Providence shows are GP/Figgs shows, there are actually just Figgs giggs. Steve, The Figgs e-mail list operator

Hi John,
The re-vamp of the site looks good. Thank you for your efforts and your time and thanks Graham!


I definitely agree with you on the 'state of radio' essay. But what can I as a listener do? What can I as a musician do? I stopped listening to the radio years ago because of it. There is a good song by Marty Willson-Piper (of the Church) called 'Forget the Radio', give it a listen if you get the chance. It observes that with radio, 'the tail seems to wag the dog' and that's definitely true.


hey hey,
just read your article on commercial radio. i work at an indie label and out of pure reality check, we never even consider working our records to these stations. i, personally, don't even listen. all the songs sound the same and all they play are boys. girls rock too! (what about all the fiendishly overrated boys??) and, apparently, all these "consultants" have sucky taste in music and certainly do not have their finger on the pulse of the true music lovers.
--carla scheri

Dude, completely agree. I used to think radio was banal and mindless, but I've read enough articles (by other "underground" music outlets, and occasionally in mainstream press too) to know that it's far worse than lack of imagination. I don't know anyone at the moment who has learned anything from their radio in years, save for NPR and some local listener-supported stations down here in DC. It's strange... take house/hip hop/club music (a recent affectation of mine). There are increasingly massive followings of this stuff, worldwide and even here in the land of the narrow minded. But you cannot find mega-stars like the Chemical Brothers, for example (regardless of their merit), on radio. You'd think the smell of an easy buck would make a difference, but it's still far too difficult for the corporate slobs in charge to comprehend why dance music isn't dangerous. I think they are worried their kids will get hooked on ecstasy, which they are or aren't regardless of the efforts of radio. Anyway, if they can't accept music with a huge mindless mega-following, it's obvious they're not going to catch on to smaller groundswells, and merit is completely removed from their radar. My car doesn't have a radio, and I think I know more about what's going on in music than my entire office put together.


What happened to the links on `Messageboard` One used to click on `messageboard` on the homepage and go a list of links to mailing lists and guestboards etc...now one goes straight to the messages. What happened especially to the link to the mailing-list?

[The menu on the homepage is not the same as the one on the other pages. I changed the link on the homepage to go to the message board really for my own convenience, because I got tired of having to go through several different layers to get directly to the message board. But I know that the full page of links is useful, so I kept it the way it was on the rest of the pages. I may yet change the menu on the home page, because I'm not completely satisfied with it. Maybe a link to both the message board and the complete page, including the mailing list. Not sure... - JH]

The American 'hard-boiled' author George Pelecanos writes superb novels set in Washington DC; think Tarantino or Leonard, with heart. He also uses a great range of music references including GP and reviews 'Deepcut To Nowhere' on his website at http://www.twbookmark.com/features/georgepelecanos/offthepage_music.html Well worth a look. Is Graham aware of Pelecanos I wonder?


Graham Parkers music has stood the test of time, I love his passion and determination, not forgetting his great songs and voice.

Long live the king!

Ken Gardner

My husband died five years ago and heat treatment was one of his favorite albums mine too i ordered it on cd already own it on vynil Sometimes ego gets in the way of letting you know what speaks to the rest of us poor saps.


Mr. Parker

Pardon me for being a bit slow, but I've just gotten to your latest "Chairman" piece. As a music afficianado who got to know, nay, learned music from the radio, all I can say is: Bravo! In the Dallas area, the radio situation is abysmal and a source of constant complaint amongst everyone I know. I've stopped bothering to tune in. It seems that in the "hinterlands", such as: Fort Worth (What?), Denton (NTSU baby!), East Texas (ETSU rah!), Austin (!), you can actually find stations that play some interesting stuff. Not around here. You are not alone in your agony over the current state of affairs. Folks on the "listener" side feel your "pain" as well.

What I find that furthers your consultant/payola theory is that, in my travels, the "drop off" or "ending" of radio play of new releases by artists that you refer to as "marginal", such as yourself, Van Morrison, CSN, Steve Forbert, and many others, happens later in the "hinterlands" than in this market. In other words, I can remember being stunned to hear, say south of Houston, new releases by artists that I knew didn't stand a chance on Dallas radio. I guess the less valuable or large the market, the less need to "clamp down".

Personally, perverse soul that I am, I think the thing with the radio station solos is driven, obviously, by greed on the part of the demanding radio stations. In particular, I believe they are driven by a desire to be artistes or patrons or record labels or producers or whatever themselves. You see, I believe these demanding stations want those solo performances for the sole purpose of releasing thier own compilation CDs. You see them in the "Various" racks or on Amazon all the time. Could you see this as a contributing or driving factor? These "comps" are often a nice way to get a lot of your favorite artists on 1 CD, but as you point out, the solo acoustic or "strip down" setup may very well skew the perception of the artist. Might also present a challenge to the listener who is accustomed to hearing the artist another way entirely. I personally find the biggest offenders to be the public stations, the ones you'd hope had the public's best interest at heart.

What makes it particularly sad for me, is that I grew up listening to a station that was exact opposite of the situation you describe on the BBC One. Here, there was a station KZEW, "The Zoo" that was AOR, but you were just as likely to hear something new by Chick Corea or Willie Nelson as Led Zep or Yes. Those genre-bending days are gone. Now, it's a 60's oldies station. I often catch myself playing a mental game trying to pin down the last time I heard a new selection from a new release on local radio. After my first clear recollection, I quit. It's too depressing.

Finally, as a fortunate member of your mailing list, I had the luck to learn of "Deepcut". Honest to gosh, how else would I know? Truly, as they all are, one of your best. In particular, I don't see how you could record "Blue Horizon" without being in tears by the end. I know, listening to it, I was moved to tears, by the end of it. Mr. Parker, I consider you one of the smartest fellows in the business. I hope, despite all, that you stick with it.

I also hope that, after several proofreads, I've eliminated most of the dreaded "typos" and this is somewhat readable.


Charles Buxton

Huge fan, great site, any chance for a merchandise link? I think alot of fans would be interested in t-shirts and the like. Thanks!


I have always loved GP. He is living proof that a rock artist does not have meet the FM rock format to succeed for 25 years or more in the business. I know you hear this all the time, I just had to say it again.

David Southerland

Hello,I believe all is not lost when we can find all publishished materials are in our libraries,except i can not find them in bookstore,music stores only the web, Ugh! Keep the coming: coming o.k.


Hey John, I recently stumbled across GP's answer to a question I submitted over 2 years ago! Very cool. I get the impression people think you get paid for this - but knowing better I wanted to express my thanks for all your efforts. GP's lucky to have you - I mentioned it to him when I saw him at Connections in N.J. back in October. Be well & keep up the great work. Cheers! Bob

Bob Brophy

....Of the most recent, "Acid Bubblegum" rocks solid, as it maligns the local scene. I like it all. It's not torpid it's angular. Caustic are the lyrics, but not brutally despicular as are the metallurgist of rock with their dark aspect of our little town of Oran. So, do I get to be a rock journalist now? Verily, verily, sez the little editor wryly.


Hey Graham ... Thanks for the great times... we're still out here havin' the "3 martini lunch"
David Vieira / Red Balls on Fire London, Los Angeles

i have about 4.000 records. yours are the best. the top is heat treatment
jaime, madrid

I've been a big GP fan for 25 years now...not only is he a great performer and writer but it turns out that he is also a super nice guy. He came out to chat with us fans after the Tin Angel show and he could'nt have been friendlier...how novel and refreshing! Thanks for the great music, Graham.

Dan Williams

Just read Graham's state of the 'RADIO' nation editorial, [part 15] & he has nailed it!!!! BUT if you think things are bad in The U.S. & The U.K. God! you should hear what passes for rock radio in Australia!

The column was brought to my attention by BETTYE LAVETTE'S husband Kevin Kiley. Bettye is experiencing the same problem from radio AS WELL AS the 'if your last record didn't sell half a million' then even if RY COODER is keen to produce & BEN HARPER is writing new songs for you & BONNIE RAITT, MARIA MULDAUR, HORWARD TATE, GERRY RAGAVOY & a hundred others are clammering to work with you it don't ammount to a hill o' beans in the eyes of the record company. They just AIN'T gonna sign. The pathetic thing is the record SHOPS are starting to reflect this. 'If it ain't on radio we don't stock it" "What NEW ARETHA FRANKLIN/MELISSA ETHERIDGE?"....fill in your own favorites.

A friend, GENYA RAVAN, of GOLDIE & THE GINGERBREADS, TEN WHEEL DRIVE is experiencing the same problems. .... and she RAN companies producing for RONNIE SPECTOR, THE DEAD BOYS, and a hundred others.

I buy on average 25 c.d.s a week. ALL ON THE NET. ALL LEGIT PRESSINGS. ALL EITHER BACK CATALOGUE or NEW product by 'old friends' like GRAHAM. I DON'T download as I believe that if an artist has put his/her talent,time, and considerable expense into a project & I am getting enjoyment from his/her efforts, it is morally wrong [not just illegal] for me to 'steal' that performance.

I stopped listening to radio years ago cos it bored me. It still does.

Ian Pryke [Australia]

Hello there...I just wanted to let you know that this site is AWESOME!!! I love Graham Parker and feel that he is quite possibly one of the most underrated artist of the late 70's/80's power pop/rock scene. His new album is amazing and you are my hero for having the guitar tabs to all of my favorite songs by him.

My two cents...



I'm a 45 year old English professor at the University of Puerto Rico who has followed your career and collected your music since the mid 1970's. As far as I can tell yours are the most insightful and signicant songs your generation produced.

I was very happy to find your website and I am one Puerto Rican fan who will always prefere industrial strength Graham Parker to the Sanitized for your protection Elvis Costello Light that in the eyes of some stole your lightning.

I use your lyrics in my composition classes so that a younger generation can understand that passion is no ordinary word.

Whatever you do my friend, never stop squeezing out sparks.

PS: Is there any chance that you could do a Puerto Rican tour?

Roberto Guzman
UPR, Aguadilla Puerto Rico

GP played the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis in 1979. I wrote a comment about the concert in the Minneapolis Star Tribune as the Guthrie is now closing. Check out the story: http://www.startribune.com/457/story/291335.html

Dave Nevison

Still have my Thin Lizzy Live & Dangerous vinyl with Phil Lynott shouting out in his rougish brogue,"I'd like you to make a lot of noise for John Earl from the Graham Parker Band. John Earl on saxaphone" on Dancing in the Moonlight. Must have been a crazy tour. Saw Graham at Lisner Auditorium DC a jillion years ago, probably the Heat Treatment tour. Good times good times...great music.


I don't have a question and nothing witty to say except that I recently found this site and read it thoroughly. Like a lot of people, I loved Graham's 1970s albums. Recently, though, I've devoured his 1990s-2000s work (thanks largely to EMusic) and think they are outstanding, even if they don't sell like his 70-80s stuff. I hope this site (and some of the limited releases available here and on EMusic and iTunes) expand Parker's listeners and the value of his continuing work. Thanks.


Dear Sirs:

I believe I once saw a completely nude photo of Melissa Joan Hart. Please tell me if and how I can get it on the internet.

Yours Truely:
Richard Coen

I believe you're mistaken. That's a picture of your mother. - JH

Great work - keep it coming!
Any new releases are now purchased straight from the man - hope more money goes where it should..

John Leighton

I agree completely with the comments I've read that this is the best collection of songs since the GP heyday of the 1970's. Not a weak one in the lot. I was extremely fortunate to see Graham a couple of years ago in an awful little club in Indianapolis -- what a great experience since it had been 20 years before when I saw GP and The Rumour at an outdoor venue here (I don't remember who they opened for -- it didn't matter!). I do have one criticism of the new album (OK-I'm an old-timer) -- England's Greatest Clown needed Brinsley (a la Empty Lives) on the middle eight break -- I was hearing him in my head! Seriously -- this is one of the best from a fabulous 30-year run -- my friends are going to be receiving it and I'll worry about paying for it (only briefly) when the bill comes in. Remember -- music will get you thru times with no money better than money will get you thru times with no music.
Best wishes and congratulations for the affiliation with Bloodshot Records -- bless their pure-beef hearts for all you Superdawg of Chicago fans.


Great show last week at the WonderBar in Asbury Park, NJ. It was wonderful to finally see Graham live after growing up with my parents blasting Squeezing out Sparks on the turntable when I was six years old. What a great experience, thanks!