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Graham Parker and The Rumour

Official Bootleg Box Set

From Quake Records - a 6-CD box set of live material from 1976 through 2012. Featuring a rarely heard live broadcast from Radio Bremen in 1978, and, for the first time ever, a complete concert from 2012, recorded and mixed by Dave Cook. 

SOLD OUT! available in mp3 format only from this site or at CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon.

More Freight and Salvage, recorded in Berkeley in 2011, was originally offered as a limited edition bonus disc for donors to the Kickstarter campaign for the Official Bootleg Box. It is now being made available for the first time as a digital download. This is a companion piece to the previously released Live Alone at the Freight and Salvage and features live debuts of songs that would eventually show up on Three Chords Good.

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PINK POP FESTIVAL 1978 is now available as a standalone release from Quake/UpYours in both Disc-On-Demand format (CD-R) from Amazon or MP3 from iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby. If you order from CDBaby, you also get the FLAC version.

This album was originally released as part of the Bootleg Box Volume 2, but is now available in a new sonically improved version.

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First Time on CD

Purity Of Essence - The American Edition

In 1980, The Rumour recorded their third and last album in two different versions. The UK version has been available for some time on CD, but the US version has never been re-released until now. This is an entirely different recording from the CD that is currently available and has been out of print for 30 years. It not only features three different songs, but it was recorded at a different time and place and has a radically different feel to it. In our opinion, it is superior to the original.

With liner notes by Martin Belmont

From Quake Records and Amazon CD and MP3

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A 12-song sampler of  the contents of the Official Bootleg Box. If you don’t want to buy the entire box and just want to sample some highlights, you might want to check this out from CreateSpace and Amazon.



Piss & Vinegar: The Songs of Graham Parker was originally released by BUY OR DIE in 1996. Now back in print, with new notes by Graham Parker and original producer Jerry Balderson, this tribute album features unique performances by The Figgs, Pat Dinizio, Frank Black, Jon Tiven, and many others.

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Available from Amazon and iTunes.

All the lyrics, chords, and bars. Tabs/notation of all the essential electric and acoustic guitar riffs, picking and phrases.

compiled by Martin Belmont

for sale on Amazon or from this site for $24.95

Coming in September - These Dreams Will Never Sleep, The Best Of 1976 – 2015 is a Six CD/One DVD lavish boxset celebrating Graham Parker’s 40 year career with The Rumour & as a solo artist.


A limited number will be signed by Graham and are exclusively available to order now from the Official Store: